Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Cyber Monday!

Today is apparently the biggest online shopping day of the year. Oh well I am still not sure when I am going to shop but it will get done and everyone will get something. If there is anything that you all really want please send me an email and I will see what I can do.
I am slowly making a dent in the Christmas projects to do list. I kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am currently on the hunt for a Christmas tree that is somewhat cat proof. Which translates to one that they cannot knock over. I have decided that I cannot have a real tree due to the fact that one of my cats would try to eat it and the other has a thing about eating things off the floor so needles would be bad for him. My cats are really bad when it comes to the christmas tree. Oh well part of the joy of the Christmas season.
In other news, the dog that I wanted got adopted. I was sad for me but happy for him. He really needed a home. So now Robb and I have agreed to wait until the spring when we can put in a fence and then he will get me what ever dog that I want. I will keep you all informed on my hunt.
We had a good Thanksgiving. It all went by way to fast. I was under the weather so did not get to take any pictures. But we had a good time at both Meals. I had one at my house and Robb's parents had one at theirs. Hope everyone enjoyed their day and now we are looking forward to Christmas holiday.
Well I must go work now. I hope that everyone is doing well. I hope to have sometime soon and I will post some pictures from my friend Michelle's baby shower and maybe if I get to it some of my Christmas creations. Love ya all!!

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laura said...

What worked for us when our cats were younger and more ranbunctuous was tying the top of the tree off with nylon fishing line to either a hook in the ceiling or two hooks on the walls on either side of the top if the tree was in a corner. The support was enough to keep the tree from toppling if it was climbed. We also put wooden or non-breakable ornaments on the lowest branches. Hope you can find something that works for you.