Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I am still alive!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it has been a few days, but I am still here. Just a lot going on lately. I have almost finished up all my projects for the birthday extravaganza that is the end of August and beginning of September. I am also involved in some swaps with several other crafting ladies and I have been working on those too. I have made several of the explosion boxes in the past few days. I made one for a secret sister swap that I am involved in, I made one for my boss and his wife who are about to have a baby and I made one for my friend that had a baby boy recently.

Other than that I have just been working and going out with Friends. Last Friday Robb's Grandparents were in town and we had them and his parents over for dinner. It was so much fun. A little wine later and some Wii bowling we were all laughing hysterically.
Hey I wanted to let you all know that if you click on the comments link at the end of each post you can post your thoughts on my posts. Hope to here from you all. Love Ya all !

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Almost there!!

Hey all. It is Wednesday, Hump day! We are almost to the weekend. I am currently in the middle of a fantasy football draft. I am killing time before my next pick. No I don't know anything about football but Robb helps me. We play with some of our friends and customers. Kind of helps me relate to the guys a little better. :) Nothing too exciting going on this week just really HOT. It has been above 90 degrees for the last two weeks straight. Tomorrow and Friday it is supposed to be over 100 degrees. I am dreaming of fall right now.

I wanted to share a few things today. I made this card the other day for Robb's Mom. It
matched the box that I made her. I just love the happy bright colors of the paper. It made me think of spring. When it is not as hot! :) I also made this box for Allyson's Birthday. It is called a nugget box. It holds Hersey's Nugget candies. I made the box and wrapped each piece and then
used rub-ons to spell
out HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLYSON. I hope she likes it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Monday

Well It is Monday and I am tried. Nelly will not let me sleep, there is a bus that backs up infront of my house every morning at 5:45 am (BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, ETC), and I keep having weird dreams according to Robb. Anyway hope all is well with you. I went tonight to see Hairspray with Mandy and Michelle. It was a cute movie and I recommend that you all see it.

I am slowly getting pictures of my house with furniture in it. Here I have a picture of my new craft desk. I love it. There is so much storage. I love working at my desk listening to music and crafting. That is my perfect day! Love you all have a great night!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Crafts, Penguins, Birthdays, Oh my!

I just finished up some projects. I feel like I have million going on right now because there are so many birthdays as the end of August and early September. I will not post the ones that have not gotten their gifts yet because I do not want to ruin the suprise :) Here is one that I made for Robb's mom 50th Day.

It is called an explosion box. It just looks like a cute little box on the out side but when you take the top off, it becomes something else. It is just another cute way to show off your pictures instead of scrapbooking them into an album. This way people can see them on an everyday basis. They are really fun to make.

To end my post today. I thought I would leave you all with a picture of my pride and joy that you all have contributed to for
the last few years. Yes it is the Penguin collection. It finally has a home in my new room. Keep in mind that it is on a 6foot tall
shelf. Yes it took that big of a shelf. Robb thinks because it is full that I cannot have any more Penguins, but I have news for him. Love you all.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Friday!

Hey everyone! I hope that everyone is doing well. I have not been doing much today just work, grocery store and I am making a cake for Robb's Mom. It is her birthday on Sunday but we are celerbating it tomorrow. So i will leave you for the night with a picture I took the other day. Just a peacful pic. Love you all.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Welome to my new Home

Hey everyone! I thonght that I would start a blog where I could keep everyone up to date on what is going on im my life.

I am finally settled into my new house. I do love it. I swear that I am going to get some pictures of of these days and send them out to you all. Or I guess I will post them up here. Everyone is doing well. The kitties are all good and are enjoying all their newly aquired space.

Nelly here has finally recovered from her dental issues and is reminding us every morning brite and early that we need to give her some food. She is now on a soft food diet twice a day. She will not let me forget and she will only eat one type of food. She loves Meow Mix in the pouch. That is it nothing else! But with a face like that who can say no.

Spike has decided that making full laps around the house while meowing at the top of his lungs is the best new game. He is getting a little better when it comes to hiding from strangers but not much. One day I will have to video tape him playing laser pointer game. It is histerical! He really seems to like the new house. His behavior has gotten much better. He is not beating up Bitty as much any more and there is a lot less hissing in general.

As you can see no one is complaining about there new home.
I am hoping to have more in the next few days. I want this to be a place that I can keep in touch with and post some of my latest projects that I have made. I have a goal to enter my photography and my crafts in next years Kentucky State Fair. You never know I might even try to get published in a magazine. We will see.