Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Almost there!!

Hey all. It is Wednesday, Hump day! We are almost to the weekend. I am currently in the middle of a fantasy football draft. I am killing time before my next pick. No I don't know anything about football but Robb helps me. We play with some of our friends and customers. Kind of helps me relate to the guys a little better. :) Nothing too exciting going on this week just really HOT. It has been above 90 degrees for the last two weeks straight. Tomorrow and Friday it is supposed to be over 100 degrees. I am dreaming of fall right now.

I wanted to share a few things today. I made this card the other day for Robb's Mom. It
matched the box that I made her. I just love the happy bright colors of the paper. It made me think of spring. When it is not as hot! :) I also made this box for Allyson's Birthday. It is called a nugget box. It holds Hersey's Nugget candies. I made the box and wrapped each piece and then
used rub-ons to spell
out HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLYSON. I hope she likes it.

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