Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gross Day!

It started with waking up to cold pouring rain. I just wanted to go back to bed. Then the do would not hurry up and do his business and then we were both drenched...Gurrr. Well I guess that the good news is that it is Wednesday. Only a few more days until the weekend. We have a wedding to attend on Sunday for Robb's Friend Tim. Should be a good time. I have not heard from anyone out there about my Blog. Is anyone reading? Comment on a post if you are. Just want to make sure that there is someone out there.
Here is a cute picture of Bill. When he gets really tired his tongue sticks out. The more tired he get the further it sticks out. Sooo Cute!


dlflavin said...

I'm here sweetie....just trying to work, go to class, go to the gym, go see mom, Pam, friends....don't spend much time on the computer anymore....I suppose the new has finally worn off after 12 years! Dave keeps bugging me to get on Facebook...I just don't have time. Bill sure is a smart sweetie!
Love you, Diana
P.S. (I couldn't leave you a comment before because I don't have a google acct.)

boo-bear said...

I'm here too - just haven't checked e-mail since last month. How was DragonCon and how were the Bahamas? (I'm sure the Bahamas were fantastic!) Bill is very cute. Velvet's latest trick is to catch a moth outside at night and bring it inside, still alive, to play with and eat. I guess the lighting is better inside! Love to you and Robb and Bill and the kitties. Deborah

boo-bear said...

We're here too, mostly. I haven't checked my email in a few weeks and Bob is even worse! I'm guessing you loved the Bahamas if that picture is any indicator. Not much happening here, Meeka is still chasing plant life (she is the mighty hunter) while Velvet likes to catch moths outside at night and bring them inside to play with before killing and eating them. I guess cats are a little sadistic now and then.
Love to you and Robb!