Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I had a realization that it is only 73 days until Christmas. WOW!!! Have no fear I have started planning out my holiday crafty craziness. I also almost finished Halloween and Thanksgiving projects. I somehow am slightly ahead of things, but don't worry I am sure I will be working on Christmas Eve like always. :)
Bill is doing great with his house training. We are trying to teach him to ring bells to go outside to potty which I thought was a losing battle until Sunday. He was running around that kitchen and living room and next thing I know I hear bells jingling. He was at the back door waiting to go out. I almost cried. Robb's mouth dropped and just said, "No Freaking way!!" He is on the road to being able to run free around the house.
The kitties are enjoying there night chasing of the bugs that get in when I let the dog out. It has been quite comical. They have all started getting used to Bill. No one has made the leap to being his friend but we are almost past hissing and running. They have learned where they can and cannot go to get away from him when they want.
Hope that everyone is well! Love you all!

PS: I leave you with a picture that I took out of our hotel room in the Bahamas. We where there in June and it was Fabulous!!!

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