Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sorry its been so long

I have not been posting lately. It was a really trying week. Work was so stressful trying to make sales goals. But the worst of all was the passing of my dear Grandfather. I am not sure even what to say. I know that he is gone but sometimes I forget. I have always known him to be there and not he is just not. It is so surreal. Robb and I are leaving in the morning to drive down for the funeral. I have never been to one and have no idea what to expect or even react. I am really at a loss for what to say or do.

I got my mind off of things a little yesterday and had some friends over. My friends Mathew and Tara came over with there new baby boy, Mason. I say new but he is 3 months old. He was so cute and really well behaved. He really slept most of the time so I got some picture time. He was so peacful.

It was good to get some time to take my mind off things. we went to dinner and played the nintendo wii. It was a goodtime. The picture below is me with my friends Christina (the other brunette) and Tara (the Blonde) She is Mason's mother.
Well I need to go sleep. Going to be long next few days. Goodnight.

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