Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Morning..

Hope all is well with you guys. I am tired today. Between the cats and the School bus that backs up in front of my house at 6:05 every morning I am spent. I just need to make my house sound proof.
Anyway, I have a few new creations to share this morning. These are a few cards for some swaps that I am involved in. The first one is a little snowman that is supposed to be surrounded my a light beam. I think that it worked. I have never done anything like it so I was unsure. I liked the tree paper I think that it looked like a forest. He is colored in with sparkle gel pens. The other creations are for a swap where I made criss cross cards. which I have made before but not 5 at one time. They really tired me out. I think that I will stick to basic cards from now on when I do swaps. Hope that you all like and have a great day!

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