Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hello all! Happy Halloween. I still need to get some pictures loaded of the Halloween Party this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. We had a good time carving pumkins and being silly. This morning I wanted to share a few pictures I took this morning at Waverly Hills. It was a really neat place that I bet looked very spooky even when it was open. I did not get touched by any ghosts not did I see anything. It was a very small tour. I think Christina and I have decided that we have to go back when we can go on the 2 hour tour that they offer. They also offer a 4 hour and a 8 hour over night stay but I am not brave enough for that. I have to apoligize for the pictures it was 6:30 am when I took these and not easy getting the camera to take pictures of things that it cannot see. So some of them are dark and others are really bright. It was all or nothing really.

The first picture is of the front of the building. It is a very big gothic style building. It has 5 floors and could house over 400 patients. This picture does not do it justice.

On the SciFi channel there is a show called Ghost Hunters. they are in town for the night to film live from 9pm-3am. So sent you DVR or VCR to record and watch to see if they can catch anything sooky! Because they are in town most of the hospital was shut down and we could not tour it so it was kind of disipointing but still cool.

The next picture is of the cafeteria area. Many people say that they have smelled breads and cookies baking coming from this room when they are alone at night. Today I did not smell anything, but does not mean anything. I did find however that this picture has something weird in it. It looks like to me a head and shoulders in the middle but I am not sure that it is not just some weird light bouncing off the lens. What do you think?

And Finally here is a picture of me at the bottom of the Death Tunnel or the Body Chute. It was a tunnel that they transported the dead bodies out of the hospital through. They did this to keep moral up they did not want all the patients seeing the bodies leaving the hospital and getting discouaged. It was 455 feet down a hill in a pitch black tunnel and I walked all the way down and then back up. That was tiring and creepy.

I hope that you all have a Happy Halloween! I will try to post some pictures tonight of the party. Love you all!

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